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I never seen eye to eye to with brother Tariq until this came up. #ados my brothers. We get our reparations or there will be smoke. Brother Tariq is really standing up to whitey, and not being a whiny old piece of dog poop. You know what happens to dog poop when it gets old? It turns white, and keep that in mind when listening to Talcum X. We need more brothers like Tariq, and let's not forget brother Rico, "Black Daddy." He's fighting the good fight for us black people. Questioning white cave dwellin' bitches why they ain't on board with reparations. To some crackers, it just seems silly, but to us, it ain't no joke. Brother Rico learns her quick that this ain't no laughing fuckin' matter, and the only thing that will suffice until we paid by every cracker with money in the bank that your women's pussy hole and throat is simply "interest" you owe us on top of principal.

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